Friday, 7 June 2013

News and Updates - 07/06/2013

We apologize for the late updates, we've been currently watching "Bakuman" and have been really absorbed into this anime. Well back to our project updates

- Saga system; has been neatly laid out and we're compiling all the saga chats from the anime and movies for each saga cinematic.

- We are currently redesigning our spells once again, so they have a charge up. So instead of casting the spell and it being instantly shot at. You will now see the spell being charged up, which means you will have to find the best tactic in using them now!

- We are redesigning how our spells work even more, and how the characters are played. As you've noticed in other Hero Arena style maps characters have a class build towards them, a perfect example will be DoN and DBZU.
-- So we are going to try and make each character to have their own builds and perfect style towards fighting.
-- For example Broly will be a Tank/Berserker build. Which means he will sacrifice his speed for more destructive power.

We will be going through our reference for the map and build each character to match the anime,

This does mean, we are taking longer then expected however with all these new changes and more detail to how the map is played.

We are currently trying to make our map go against "DBZU" and "DoN". As these are our current rivals in wc3 custom maps.

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